Welcome to our Junior Years Program


A safe, nurturing environment
Our Junior Years program provides a safe and nurturing environment for our youngest learners. We offer small classes, an engaging curriculum and exceptional teachers who know how to get the best from our students.

At St John’s, we understand that the primary years are an important time of learning and exploration. Our experienced teachers work to foster each child’s unique interests and abilities with engaging learning opportunities and exciting educational experiences.

The Junior School is a dynamic learning community where members work collaboratively to assist children to reach their optimum potential. We recognise that each student is an individual with unique abilities to be nurtured, talents to be discovered and needs to be met.

We are aware of the responsibility we have for preparing children for the future and we are committed to the development of sound values and to the fostering of a culture which promotes life-long learning and positive social skills. We believe that in order to learn, students need to be in a happy, but well managed environment which is conducive to the development of self-confidence and to the pursuit of excellence in individual goals.