Welcome to our Junior School

The Junior School is a dynamic learning community where members work collaboratively to assist children to reach their optimum potential. We recognise that each student is an individual with unique abilities to be nurtured, talents to be discovered and needs to be met. We are aware of the responsibility we have for preparing children for the future and we are committed to the development of sound values and to the fostering of a culture which promotes life-long learning and positive social skills. We believe that in order to learn, students need to be in a happy, but well managed environment which is conducive to the development of self-confidence and to the pursuit of excellence in individual goals.

We strive for:

  • Educational Excellence – Teaching that is reflective, responsive and enables all students to reach their full potential.
  • Leadership – A culture of shared, affirmative school leadership that empowers others.
  • The development of the whole person integrating the spiritual, social, academic and cultural awareness.
  • Collaboration – that optimises harmonious, respectful relationships.

We value:

  • Success for every student
  • Respect for others
  • Ongoing academic, physical, emotional, moral and social growth
  • Diversity

We aim to achieve this through:

Learning for excellence and achievement that is responsive to the needs of our students;
Collaboration that optimises community partnerships;
A well-resourced, nurturing and stimulating learning environment; and
A culture of shared school leadership that empowers a cooperative, engaged staff.

In keeping with our motto Forever Excelling the Junior School aims to provide the best possible education for each child who attends our school, ensuring students develop a broad range of skills to enable them to develop responsibility for their own direction and to adapt to a changing world.
This is reflected through: our school’s beliefs which recognise the importance of:

  • Providing positive learning experiences
  • Promoting relevant innovations to enhance learning
  • Accepting the abilities and individual needs of each other
  • Providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment for the school community.

We encourage every child in our care to develop his or her own talents and abilities in a wide range of interests. Most importantly we do everything that we can to assist children to develop self – esteem and self – confidence and above all reach their full potential so that they may become effective contributors in society.