• Prep to Year 12 classes will resume onsite tomorrow Wed 28th July.
  • Parents may carry learning belongings to classrooms providing you sanitise, wear a mask and do not linger.
  • School buses resume.
  • The canteen will resume.
  • All Senior School students must wear masks.
  • Breakfast Club will NOT resume until further notice.

St John’s College is committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in our community.

  • As of 28th of July 2021 there are no known cases of Covid-19 within the community.
  • Safety protocols for 2021 are in line with Victorian State Government advice.
  • Only essential staff, children of essential workers and vulnerable children may be on site.
  • Anyone who is on site for more than 15 minutes, including all volunteers, visitors and contractors, must sign in at the general office.
  • Senior Students and all staff  MUST bring and wear a mask indoors.
  • All members of the community MUST practice safe hygiene: cover your face when you cough or sneeze, stay home if unwell, wash your hands and physically distance.
  • Refer to SEQTA Notices for more information.

In the event of a sudden lockdown: online learning arrangements

  • The College will remain open unless directed to close by the DHHS, for example, if we have a case or a close contact within the school.
  • Teachers will be on a roster to supervise children of essential workers/vulnerable children onsite; on those days they will not be able to provide TEAMS sessions.
  • Students of essential workers and vulnerable students must be registered to attend during lockdown periods; parents must provide a letter or certificate from their employer.  Contact Victoria Mitchell at the main office on 9480 5300 or DM Ms Victoria Mitchell.
  • Prep to Year 4 students will follow the advice provided by their class teacher (blended learning will be implemented: online and independent work).
  • Parents are highly encouraged to keep some student stationery and supplies at home. We strongly suggest parents invest in second items so that in the event of a snap lockdown students have learning materials available (headphones/writing books/scrap books etc.)  If your spare materials are at school organise with your child’s teacher to have some of the materials home.
  • Year 5 to VCE/VCAL students will follow their class timetable.
    • Class work will be available on SEQTA; direct message teachers in SEQTA for support.
    • TEAMS classes within MSO will be offered: teachers will communicate expectations to each class group.
    • Follow all eSafe, ergonomic and wellbeing advice; online classes will include 30 minutes in TEAMS, followed by a period of independent work (30 minutes) and a 20 minute movement/body/eye break (times approximate).


  • Teachers work from home unless informed otherwise (all classes and meetings online in TEAMS).
  • Teachers will mark students in SEQTA as “Learning from home”  unless otherwise informed by parents.
  • Parents will follow the usual process and inform the College via the absence phone line if students are unwell and not attending class (call anytime, select ‘student absence’ and leave a message 9480 5300).
  • Class TEAMS are automatically created as the timetable is synced with M365.
  • Junior School Teachers will use a single TEAM for all live learning to avoid any confusion.
  • Check Direqt Messages regularly on SEQTA:  refresh SEQTA regularly.
  • Email Zendesk with any technical problems, the team are on hand to help you:
  • Students and teachers must adhere to all eSmart safety protocols/Safe Use of Technology Agreement when on line.