Learning and Support

For students who require additional learning support, St John’s College Preston operates a Learning Strategies Centre. The main aim of the Learning Strategies Centre is to promote positive learning outcomes for all students across all learning areas, with a specific focus on literacy and numeracy.

Our key learning and support goals include:

  • Working with individual students and teams to improve academic achievement.
  • Identifying specific learning and assessment strategies for students with additional educational needs.
  • Assisting with planning, preparation and delivery of effective learning and teaching programs to improve learning outcomes.
  • Providing intervention at whole school, small group and individual student level for underachieving students, including students with learning disabilities.
  • Collaboratively plan and support teachers in assessing and monitoring the progress of underachieving students .
  • Where possible provide expertise, support and professional development at whole school, small group and individual teacher levels to support improved student achievement.
  • Providing support and advice on the teaching of students with learning disabilities.
  • Working collaboratively with other specialists (e.g. guidance officers, speech language pathologists) to coordinate services which improve students’ learning.
  • Developing collaborative and productive partnerships with school staff and members of the wider school community in order to improve student educational outcomes.