What’s on at St John’s College Preston?

Whole School Liturgy 08:40-10:30am St Methodios & Cyril Church

Maths Olympiad 5

Art Show 16:00-18:00pm
School Play 18:00-20:00pm

PA meeting 18:30pm

Parent Teacher Conversations F-Y12 Sports & Arts Centre 14:00-19:00pm
Acess online bookings here: http://www.schoolinterviews.com.au 
Download PDF information about parent teacher conversations here
Step 1. Enter school code – 6cspv
Step 2. Enter your email address, your name and your student’s name(s). The email address provided will be used to send you a confirmation of your interview times.
Step 3. Choose the teachers and subjects
Step 4. Choose the times you want
Step 5. Print your bookings

Please note, students will be dismissed early on this day. Download early dismissal letter here.



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