Parents at St John’s College

Parents play a vital role in the ongoing development and success of St John’s College.

Parents offer a huge resource and support base for the school community while showing their children the importance of participating in the larger community. By interacting with teachers, college staff and other parents on a regular basis, you’ll gain a first-hand understanding of your child’s daily activities.

Parents’ Association

We invite all parents, grandparents and guardians to become active members of the Parents’ Association (PA). The main aims and objectives of the PA are:

  1. To foster fellowship and goodwill amongst parents and other members of the College community
  2. To encourage active participation of parents, grandparents and guardians in all aspects of College life
  3. To undertake projects that will benefit the College and the education and development of the college students
  4. To receive and generate funds that will support the College and its students
  5. To assist the College Principal and school Leadership Team to review policies and procedures as required.

The PA meets on the second Wednesday of each month with meetings starting at 6.30pm.
Examples of recent PA events include:

  • Annual Dinner Dance
  • Mothers and Fathers’ Day stall
  • Working bees
  • Easter fundraiser
  • New Parent Welcome BBQ
  • Twilight Picnic
  • Disco night
  • Special canteen food days
  • Assist with Performing Arts programs
  • Assist with school camps and sports events
  • Policy and procedures review

Support Groups

The PA currently has 5 dedicated sub-committees that actively meet with the school Leadership Team to discuss and prepare programs of work that will benefit the wider College community. The sub-committees currently active include:

  • Education Sub-committee
  • Building & Grounds Sub-committee
  • Fundraising Sub-committee
  • Operations Sub-committee
  • Orthodoxy Sub-committee

If you would like to participate in any aspect of the PA please contact us at or phone 03 8373 4344.