St John’s College is leading the way in science education with its new CETS science building. It is the newest addition to St John’s College and offers our students the opportunity to undertake guided scientific research in dedicated facilities that have been designed to inspire and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

This state of the art building has been designed to symbolise the importance of Science and Environment, Technology and Sustainability.

Our Science program include the three specialist science areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The learning spaces and laboratories are interconnected and allow for a range of teaching and learning possibilities as well as supporting our ongoing commitment to excellence in scientific teaching approaches.

The latest learning technologies are integrated into each classroom. Dedicated study studios and learning lounges are provided.

The Science programs integrate Mathematics and Digital Technologies including Robotics to ensure our students are prepared for the modern world of work.

One to One iPad Program

From Foundation to Year 4 students are provided with an iPad for their use during the school day.  iPads are located in classrooms so they are available at the point of learning need.  The school provides subscriptions to educational apps that can be accessed at home (to supplement literacy, numeracy and Greek language learning).


From Year 5 to Year 12 students bring their own device to school.  Each device is enrolled in our school IT systems so students may access Windows operating system and the full MSO365 student suite of applications.  EdRolo, Jac Plus and TV for Education are platforms used at the College.


St John’s College is an eSmart school; we offer comprehensive education in online safety so our children and young people know how to behave responsibly when online and know how to get help if required.


All students are taught coding to ensure they can be creators and makers, as well as responsible consumers and users, of technology.  Students access a range of engaging resources such as Sphero Balls, Lego robotics and 3D printers to support learning in this area.