Welcome to St John’s College. We are a community within which families and staff know one another and work together collaboratively to support our students on their journey from childhood to adulthood.

Our goal is to support our students to achieve ‘philotimo’: to walk the right path in life.

Our College is a learning community within which each young person is respected and known for who they are as individuals.  Everyone is welcome at St John’s College.

We are a values and faith based school that works in partnership with parents to support our students’ learning and personal growth.  We do this by having high expectations, providing personalised learning opportunities and prioritising pastoral care.  We highly value parents as partners in their child’s learning and development.

People often ask me what is it that makes St John’s College different to other schools.  This is a great question as schools have much in common.  I am very proud to say that what makes our school stand apart is our students and our teachers.

Our students make our school a safe place for one another, they welcome new comers and take care of one another.  This means our school is a place where everyone belongs and where every student has an opportunity to make friends.  In addition, our students are exceptionally well behaved and highly respectful of their teachers and one another.  As our students feel safe at school, they are able to engage in their learning and experience learning success.

The other difference is our staff.  Our teaching team are totally committed to supporting our students in their learning and personal growth. They are expert practitioners who eagerly participate in our rigorous professional learning program.  They deeply care about the wellbeing of the students and take pride in offering quality education opportunities.

Therefore it is our students and our teachers, as well as Hellenism and Christian Orthodoxy, that set our school apart from all the others.  It is a privilege and a joy to lead St John’s College.  I am very proud of our school and I warmly welcome you to visit us in person.

Mrs Anna J Urban  BEd (Sec) – Grad Dip (SpEd) – Grad Dip (SW) – MSL
College Principal