At St John’s College we are proud of the strong, positive and caring environment that exists between students, teachers and parents. As one of the premier private schools in Preston, we will guide your child through their education and lead them into their best future.

private schools prestonThrough our weekly pastoral care program from Foundation to Year 12, we promote positive relationships within our college community. We endeavour to provide and support positive relationships that allow everyone to achieve maximum potential and growth.

We promote the importance of wellbeing, for all community members and support a happy and secure learning environment.

The Student Welfare and Behaviour Support Policy emphasises the need to support students in accepting responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.

The Policy outlines:

  • The specific rights and responsibilities of students along with consequences that follow should a student choose not to accept these responsibilities.
  • Recognition that parents are an integral part of the behaviour management process and will be informed in the early stages of any behaviour of concern. Early intervention by both teachers and parents normally resolves any given situation.
  • Student management, welfare and discipline strategies originate and emanate from the College ethos and environment where Orthodox Christian values of love, respect and justice form the basis for building a learning and caring community.
  • A happy and productive College environment is nurtured through an emphasis on self-discipline, cooperative learning and an authentic partnership between home and school.
  • The welfare and management of our students is the shared responsibility of teachers and parents. Along with consequences for unacceptable/negative behaviour; there is a deliberate effort to acknowledge and reward positive behaviour.
  • Expectations of student behaviour are clearly articulated and communicated to all who are part of the St John’s Community, via our Shared Expectations Matrix and The Code of Conduct Document.