Commencing Senior School is an exciting time for students.  However with happy anticipation comes some worries and fears.  Thank you to Year 6 student Peter who provided the questions below.

Q: When is the Year 7 transition program?

The Year 7 transition program takes place on statewide transition day in December.  On this day the College Year 6 students, as well as all the new students enrolling for Year 7 from other schools, come together to meet each other and their teachers. We provide many fun activities and students get to know their way around the College.  The Head of Senior School also provides an introduction to Senior School life.

Q: Is there a Year 7 camp and how many days and nights does it go for?

A: Yes there is a Year 7 camp.  The camp runs for 3 to 5 nights depending upon the destination.  The camp program is different each year depending upon the camp schedule.  Male and female teachers attend camp alongside a parent volunteer.

Q: Is there a canteen?  Do I need to put in a lunch order or can I just buy my food?

Yes there is a canteen.  Senior Students do not submit lunch orders in a paper bag. Students may bring money and buy food/drinks at the canteen or they may order via Cashless.  Cashless orders are picked up at the canteen.

Q: Where do Year 7 students play at recess and lunch?  Are there quiet or indoor places to spend lunchtime?

There are many indoor and outdoor choices for Senior students to take breaks including; the Senior School Agora, the oval, the futsal or sports courts.  Students may also take their breaks in the Gallery (Student Lounge) or the Library.  If students want to use the gym they need to organise a teacher to supervise their game.  There are also gazebos and picnic tables to spend time with friends.

Q: How many lessons are there each day?

There are four periods of 80 minutes each day.  Recess is at 10.00am and lunchtime is at 1.10pm.

Q: What time does school start?

School starts at 8.30 am and students need to be at school at 8.15am.  We commence each day with morning prayer.  All Senior School students line up in the Senior School Agora (in pastoral care classes) for assembly every day.  At assembly teachers check uniforms and make announcements.

Q: Where are the toilets?

There are three toilet blocks; one at the rear of the Senior School Agora, one at the top of the centre stairs and the third toilet block is in the gym.  All toilet blocks are open before school and all day.

Q: Do I have to use a diary?

Diaries are provided for all students however most students use SEQTA, our digital learning management system, to access their timetable and homework.  There is a notice board on SEQTA which students should check each day for announcements.  Students should also check their SEQTA direct messages each day for important information.

Q: Are there special bins for recycling?

Yes there are special bins for paper recycling.  All students need to put their rubbish into the bins to keep our school clean and care for the environment.

Q: What is the rule about mobile phones?

Mobile phones must be locked away in lockers all day including during recess and lunchbreak.  If students can’t self-manage their mobile phone then they may have to hand the phone in to be securely stored at the general office.

Q: Is there homework?

Yes there is homework.  Usually homework at Year 7 involves finishing class work or revision.  It is important students revise classwork at home and complete any tasks or reading set by teachers.  All homework is set and available on SEQTA.

Q: Are there exams in Year 7?

Yes at the College all Senior students have exams.  In this way we help students learn exam taking behaviours and study skills.

Q: Where are the lockers?

All student lockers are on the first floor.  Students need to bring a combination lock for their locker.

Q: Are there Houses?

Yes we have four Houses – Olympia, Aesop, Pythagoras and Plato.  If a Year 7 student is new to the College and has an older sibling they will be placed in the same House.

Q: Is there a student leadership program?

Yes, each Senior School class has a class captain.  The class captain is on the Student Representative Council and will be provided with leadership training and support.