Places in STEP INTO PREP are limited; For more information about enrolling your child into Step Into Prep contact our Enrolment Officer Ms Michelle Trentino via or via our Enrolment Enquiries form.

Flexibility for your child

At St John’s College (SJC) we are very aware that children blossom at different rates educationally, socially and emotionally. The wellbeing of your child should be the determining factor as to whether they commence Prep on a five day a week basis or whether it would be best to commence for three days a week. An Individual learning plan will be implemented for each Step into Prep student which will help to focus choices and timings

All learning is understood developmentally, and behaviours understood as the child’s need to communicate what they are feeling. Our Step into Prep program provides a pathway for each child to learn, discover and grow at a pace which best suits their particular needs.

Based on the Victorian Curriculum, teaching and learning programs are designed to ensure each child’s engagement with school by developing their creativity, cognitive and social skills, emotional wellbeing, higher-order thinking skills and a sense of belonging.

Indoor and outdoor play environments provide opportunities for the development of curious, confident and competent learners. Our teaching staff draw on evidence-based teaching strategies and research so that learning is accessible and meaningful for every child.

Our Prep classroom at SJC is a warm and nurturing environment where our youngest students develop confidence in their own learning and relationships with others. School quickly becomes a very exciting place to be!

Student Care and Wellbeing

SJC is a school where knowing every student and family is of central importance. Understanding the needs of each child and being able to offer small classes greatly enhances the quality of interactions, and therefore the quality of learning.

As well as the academic curriculum, we offer a broad range of options to develop and strengthen children’s skills and talents via the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. As a community-oriented school, parents and teachers work in partnership to nurture and develop our students to be the best they can be and to achieve well in all areas of their social, physical and intellectual growth.

STEP INTO PREP Program Details

Days – SiP students attend two days a week for the first five weeks of Term 1 (Tuesday and Thursday) and from Week 6 of Term 1 they attend three days a week (Tues, Wed, Thu). Students commence school at 8.30 and finish at 3.00pm.  The part time commitment is for the entire year.

Curriculum – SiP students are members of our Prep class and their teacher is the Prep teacher.  SiP Students will be supported by a skilled Learning Support Officer with experience in early childhood education.

Learn to Play – SiP students participate in play-based learning for a session each day in our beautiful playroom.

Playtime – SiP students take outside play when the other children are not on the playground.  Playtime is guided and incorporates sensory and fundamental motor skill development activities.

Specialists – SiP students participate in Art, Music, Greek and PE class with their classmates as per the timetable.  The Learning Support Officer attends these lessons to support the children.

Assessment – SiP students participate in the regular Prep assessment program (Insight On Line Assessment) at the commencement of Term 1.

Student Support Group Meetings & Individual Learning Plans – Parents/guardians of SiP students participate in termly student support group meetings.  An individual learning plan is developed (by the Prep teacher) and student learning progress is measured against this plan (rather than the usual school reporting process).

Uniform – SiP students wear St John’s College PE uniform.

Fees – are set at 60% of the Foundation Fees as per our College Annual Fee Schedule.

Transition – SiP families and students are encouraged to participate in our Prep Transition program in Term 4 2020.

Age – students must be 5 years old before 30th April to enrol in the Step into Prep Program.  Students who turn 5 between 30th April and 31st of October may enrol providing parents are able to provide a clinical endorsement that they are ready to commence school part time (from a GP, psychologist, a speech therapist, paediatrician or maternal child health nurse).

Transition – parents are asked to provide the kindergarten transition plan.  SiPs students and parents are required to participate in the Prep Transition Program

It is our expectation that once a child has completed a year in the STEP INTO PREP program they progress into full time Prep the following year.

Places in STEP INTO PREP are limited; for more information about enrolling your child into Step Into Prep contact our Enrolment Officer Ms Michelle Trentino via

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