Congratulations to our class of 2022 at St John’s College.

Our 2022 Year 12 students have achieved outstanding results this year. The Median Study Score achieved in 2022 was 30. We congratulate St John’s College 2022 Dux , Maria Anastassopoulos, who achieved the highest ATAR of

2022 Dux - 1

this years cohort.

We are delighted that 22% of our students were ranked in the top 20% of the state, gaining an ATAR of 80 or above. This year 50% of our students received an outstanding study score of 45 or above in Modern Greek.
St John’s Colleges continued focus on academic success, personal and spiritual growth as well as resilience, and our students engagement in their learning has led to these outstanding results.

The last three years have been challenging for the teaching staff but they overcame the trials of the pandemic as they met the aspirational goals of the rigorous professional learning program. As our Year 12 students emerged from two years of interruptions to their learning due to the COVID19 Pandemic, they faced their final year of secondary education with strength, courage and perseverance for all that lay ahead of them. The College Board and staff are very proud of their academic achievements and wish them every success for the future.