St John’s College in Melbourne has provided education for the Greek Australian community for almost 50 years. Deep-rooted in values of Hellenism and Orthodox Christianity, the College is a popular choice for families looking to honour those values in their child’s academic journey. Continuing a tradition of ‘academic excellence’ and… Read More

St. John's College dedicated the month of May to honouring the Hellenes of Pontos. Through a series of educational initiatives and events, the school aimed to raise awareness, educate, and engage students in the rich history and culture of the Pontians. Throughout the month, students delved deep into the history… Read More

2022 Dux

Congratulations to our class of 2022 at St John’s College. Our 2022 Year 12 students have achieved outstanding results this year. The Median Study Score achieved in 2022 was 30. We congratulate St John’s College 2022 Dux , Maria Anastassopoulos, who achieved the highest ATAR of this years cohort. We… Read More

The Board, the school staff and teachers are proud of our children who continue to have a safe place to excel in academic studies while living their culture and values in a friendly and welcoming community. The Board and the Principal have worked together to renew our college as a… Read More

We are happy to announce that our enrolment numbers for 2023 will be 323 students, the highest it has been in 14 years! Most year levels are now full and we already have a number of applications which have been waitlisted. Please note applications are now open for 2024 enrolments… Read More

Every year, our Senior School students represent our College at the Greek Orthodox Schools Sports Event. The 7 Greek Orthodox schools from around Australia participate in a range of sport and art (singing, dancing, drama) events over a number of days. Due to COVID restrictions and boarder closures this event… Read More