The COVID19 pandemic has impacted children of all ages across the world. St John’s College Music co-ordinator, Miss Pradhan, wrote this original song with lyrics contributed and inspired by the St John’s students and their experiences of learning remotely in lockdown for a total of 262 days in the world’s… Read More

Dear St John’s College Community, Wednesday the 5th of November is a day we will remember forever: the day all our students and staff returned to onsite learning. Watching the students greet one another was completely joyous. Every single child and young person walked through the gate with an enormous… Read More

Dear St John’s College Community, We are relieved and delighted to announce that all students will return to onsite learning from Wednesday 3rd of November (Monday 1st is a Curriculum Day and Tuesday 2nd is Cup Day holiday). We can’t wait to welcome all the students and staff back to… Read More

      Dear St John’s College Community, Thank you for your messages of support, understanding and cooperation in responding to the sudden closure of the College last Monday 11th Oct. All primary contacts have been contacted. At this stage there has been no transmission of the virus to any… Read More

    Dear St John’s College Community, His Grace Bishop-Elect Evmenios of Kerasounta On behalf of the students, parents, teachers, the staff and Board of St Johns College, we wish to say a giant Axios with a single voice.  We are thrilled that Father Evmenios has been elected by the… Read More

Published 30.8.21 on SEQTA Dear St John’s College Community, Everything will be OK I know how tired everyone is feeling and I understand the growing frustration at the ongoing lockdown situation.  I am also hearing a lot of fear about vaccination; some of you are hoping everyone at the College… Read More